Rapidly Achieving the Needed Results With a Natural Growth of Backlinks to Your Site

Many years ago NGM (Natural Growth Marketing) did key word phrase research to locate a unique phrase that was applicable to the actions that the company provided to help other businesses to get found in the top ten online.  The unique keyword phrase found for NGM was “natural growth of backlinks.”

The reason to use  “natural growth of backlinks” was that search engines, especially Google would ignore instant blasts of backlinks to a site but would pay attention to a gradual growth of backlinks that provided unique information that was useful.  To also provide information on one page that had backlinks to other pages with more relevant and quality information is the most important action that can be done for a site.

When NGM found and implemented the use of the keyword phrase  “natural growth of backlinks,” it was the very first company to do so.   Several years later when searching for “natural growth of backlinks,” you can find 15 million, five hundred thousand webpages are now using the phrase!  …and NGM is in the top two positions – using white hat SEO techniques and providing quality information.

NGM did an experiment, changed the keyword phrase, changed the homepage text and wound up on page #6 of Google search results for “natural growth of backlinks.”

Changing the homepage back to what worked and doing our magic, it took five days for NGM to go from page six (6) of Google results to page one in the top two positions.  Here’s a screen shot that was taken on 30 Apr 13 of Google search results for “natural growth of backlinks:”



a natural growth of backlinks to your site helps to achieve top ten results in Google search  results

We can do the same for you. Contact NGM NOW!




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