Local or Worldwide – Where Are Your Clients?

Some businesses depend entirely on their local community for their clientele but really can reach out worldwide while other businesses truly only have a local market.

Some examples of businesses that can expand worldwide are:

> A Chiropractor would have just a local market unless the chiropractor had incredible successes, wrote a book, was doing seminars and so on – then he would have a worldwide market with clients flying in from around the world.
> An all-organic muffin bakery could have a local market and depend solely upon local clients visiting their store or the bakery can find a method of packaging their freshly made muffins for grocery stores near and far.
> An artist that creates stunning logos can contact local companies to do logo work or reach out to the world with a presentation that not only gives information on what a logo can do for a company but also results from the logos that s/he creates.
> A musician can go for getting local gigs or for getting their music out broadly.

Some businesses that only have a local market are:

> A cleaning company
> A plumbing company
> A physical therapist
> An appliance store
> A day care center

Whether your intention is to flourish locally or to broaden the sphere of your business, you need to have a business plan created in order to work out and encompass the different marketing actions that will get you noticed.

Online really is the place to go to be found. There are many different ways to reach out to your potential clientele that include incentives, coupons, social media, website, blogging, branding and article marketing to name some methods. You can also find classified sites, profiles, directories – the list of possibilities online is practically endless. In order to make effective use of the services a marketing plan with specific targets will be of benefit to you.

The last but most important item when planning out your strategy for a local or worldwide clientele is to include dominating the search engine with up-to-date information that is relevant. After-all, when a person goes online it is to search for information. By providing a constant stream of information, you will be found.

Rapidly Achieving the Needed Results With a Natural Growth of Backlinks to Your Site

Many years ago NGM (Natural Growth Marketing) did key word phrase research to locate a unique phrase that was applicable to the actions that the company provided to help other businesses to get found in the top ten online.  The unique keyword phrase found for NGM was “natural growth of backlinks.”

The reason to use  “natural growth of backlinks” was that search engines, especially Google would ignore instant blasts of backlinks to a site but would pay attention to a gradual growth of backlinks that provided unique information that was useful.  To also provide information on one page that had backlinks to other pages with more relevant and quality information is the most important action that can be done for a site.

When NGM found and implemented the use of the keyword phrase  “natural growth of backlinks,” it was the very first company to do so.   Several years later when searching for “natural growth of backlinks,” you can find 15 million, five hundred thousand webpages are now using the phrase!  …and NGM is in the top two positions – using white hat SEO techniques and providing quality information.

NGM did an experiment, changed the keyword phrase, changed the homepage text and wound up on page #6 of Google search results for “natural growth of backlinks.”

Changing the homepage back to what worked and doing our magic, it took five days for NGM to go from page six (6) of Google results to page one in the top two positions.  Here’s a screen shot that was taken on 30 Apr 13 of Google search results for “natural growth of backlinks:”



a natural growth of backlinks to your site helps to achieve top ten results in Google search  results

We can do the same for you. Contact NGM NOW!




Website Domain Search Made Simple

If you are conducting a Website domain search many people will tell you all the good domain names are taken. This isn’t true. While it’s true that you aren’t going to be able to pick up books.com or anything similar in your Website domain search, but there are still plenty of great domains available. In order to choose the right domain for your purposes, you need to decide what you’re going to use the domain for. Then you can begin to search for your website domain. There are two main classifications.

Keyword Domains

If you want to create a niche-based blog or website or you want to invest in a domain that you can sell for a profit later, you’ll want to buy a keyword-based domain name. You should look for domain names that have high-traffic keywords. If you wanted to make a site about Discount Golf Clubs, you would ideally want to get DiscountGolfClubs.com. Keyword domains, especially for keywords that get significant numbers of searches, also have great resale value. You could buy a domain for $10 and flip it for hundreds, or even thousands.

If you want to create a site that will be branded like Twitter or Flickr, you can be a little more creative. You’ll want to get a one word domain (or two at most). But you can use creative spelling.

When buying a domain for branding purposes:
1. Look for a word that won’t be too difficult to spell. Flickr is relatively easy to remember, but Fotograffi might not be. Too many letters are changed. People might not remember which ones are different from the original word. It should be memorable.
2. Choose a word that fits your niche. For a site about golf, you might get something like Puttr.com, for example.
3. Integrate your branding. Make sure you can craft a logo that will help people remember your domain name.

Warning: Do NOT search for domain names on any registrar until you are ready to buy! Some registrars make deals with speculators to provide recently searched names to them. They buy the domains and then charge a premium for them later.

Once you’ve finished your website domain name search it’s time to register a domain, you need to keep a few things in mind. First, don’t use fake information during the registration process. You could get your domain taken away from you later, which would be a real shame if you’ve built significant traffic to it. Second, you’ll probably want to register all of your domains with the same registrar. It gets tedious having to worry about your domains at multiple registrars. You’ll also need to decide whether or not you want to use WHOIS protection, and how long to register the domain for.

WHOIS Protection

Many people automatically opt for WHOIS protection, but this isn’t always the best option. Some SEO experts have suggested that Google and other search engines may penalize sizes who have their registration information protected. Additionally, some customers may not trust you if you protect your information. This could result in lost sales.

Now you have your website domain name and your search is over.

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Great Website Design: A Profit Booster

Many might be asking how a great website design can boost the profit of the business. Is it that important that it should be given ample planning time? Of course, it should. First impression lasts, as the cliche goes. The website of a company is like its window where the potential customers can get a glimpse of the kind of company one has and the kind of person he is. There may be other marketing strategies but one of the most effective is the use of a website.

An entrepreneur must ensure the effectiveness of the company’s website. Otherwise, every effort and money will just go straight to the trash bin. If the website will prove to be an effective marketing tool, chances are profit will be augmented. Indeed, this is good news for the business owner. So what benefits can a company derive from a great website design?

First, if your website is visually appealing to the Internet patrons, you make the Internet traffic head your way. In the end, you convert your potential customers to actual buyers of your products and services. Remember, a website is less costly compared to the print and broadcast media. There is no need for a big billboard along the highway to promote your products and services. In this case, you need to pay for the rental fee for a particular span of time. This will definitely add up to the operational expenses. Another thing, if you advertise through the newspaper, TV or radio, you need to shell out some serious amount of money. A small space in a broadsheet already costs a lot. A 30-second TV advertisement will require you to spend much money. In short, an effective website design will really help you save a lot of money.

Second, a website with a great website design will most likely be visited by many even during the ungodly hours in the night.  Since your website can operate 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, your potential clientele can reach you anytime of the day or night. They can even contact your company in the wee hours of the morning.  Just make sure that you leave your personal computer on.  In other words, there is no need for sleepless nights just so you can earn a living from from your business. But you have to be reminded that this is very much possible only if your website has a design worthy to be noticed and lingered on. The design and everything about the website must relay to the customers that you mean business and that you do not intend to waste time.

Third, an interactive website will do so many wonders for one’s business. Before, websites were merely brochures in the worldwide web. Today. people can shop online using a website. Customers can transact business online. Most likely, clients will choose website which will provide them convenience. And so, if part of your website design are some interactive features, you already have an edge over your competitors. In the end, you see your profit grow.

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Multi-Media Publications- The Advantages of Using Multi-Media in Your Business

When it comes to publishing online, there is a great deal that can be said for using different forms of multi-media publications. Some years back, the typical publication online consisted of eBooks, or electronic books that were typically presented in pdf or portable document format. That systems is still very much in use today, and many people have made a fortune from this method of publishing. However, they have left a substantial segment of the market place untouched by using eBooks alone.

To explain this point more fully, it is important to understand that all people learn or absorb information in different ways. Some are able to absorb information from reading, but others are better at auditory learning and still others, are better at visual learning. In other words, some people prefer to listen to an audio presentation and others prefer to watch a video.

Another important benefit to this is that you can take the same information and repackage it in different formats and charge an appropriate price. Typical eBooks can sell from around seven dollars to around forty seven dollars, depending on the quality and content. That same information can then be read and recorded as an audio mp3 file and sold for sixty seven dollars and the video presentation may be worth ninety seven dollars. These are example price points to consider and are fairly typical in the online world of information marketing.

Now, that is by no means the end of the story. Consider the old adage that a picture can tell the story of a thousand words. Imagine you are teaching someone how to complete a complex, technical task. Certainly, a book may have detailed instructions and diagrams, but watching someone do the same process in a video, step by step, is far more helpful to many people. In this case, you are able to appeal to a greater number of people, or broaden your market share, just by offering another multi-media publication format.

Now, in your video, you can include a power point to show the main points of what you wish to teach, as well as show actual examples of you doing the given task. If it is computer based, there are numerous programs available that will let you record the screen video and record your voice as you narrate instructions on what you are doing. These are just some examples of what you can do with a video to enhance your product’s appeal and reach.

Remember that with a video, it is also easy to show live results online if you want to demonstrate a principle working. An example is that some people may use fake Photoshop images to say they have accomplished a certain task, but with a video, you can record yourself logging into a live website with live statistics. That is very difficult to fake.

Whilst the above examples are by no means exhaustive, it does show that you have a great deal of opportunity with video to enhance an otherwise good, but ordinary product. It can be the difference between a sale and no sale too, as well as greater customer retention rate.

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What Do Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, and the Guys at Google Know that You Don’t?

Have you looked at a recent list of the world’s richest people?

If you haven’t, you definitely should because you will find a common theme.

And that common theme is: Information… more specifically, information marketing.

We live in the information era. The use, management, indexing, and marketing of information is the single biggest shift in today’s society.

Think about it.

Everyone NEEDS information. We go to Google to search for what? Information. Facebook is just tons of what? Information. When you’re at your computer you are either consuming, writing, manipulating, or searching for information.

So how can you get a piece of the action?

Very easy actually. You want to get into what’s known as the information marketing business.

But why should you even consider getting into the information marketing business?

Well, it’s quite simple really. Here are 3 reasons why you want to market information:

>> #1. It’s cheap to make!

There’s no manufacturing process. You don’t have to have an office. You don’t need a retail storefront. In fact, you pretty much don’t have ANY of the expenses a traditional company has.

If you have a computer, you pretty much have all you need!

And even if you don’t have a computer, I’m sure you can get access to one. I mean even your local library can give you free access to a computer!

>> #2. There’s huge demand for it.

Do me a favor.

Go to Google.com.

In the search box, type the words “How to”

Notice how many results come up. As I write this, there are 4.2 MILLION results that came up.

But that’s just for the generic term “how to”… Try some of these searches:

How to play the piano
How to boil an egg
How to play guitar
How to knit a sweater
How to sing
How to train your dog
How to design a web site
How to blog
How to rap

I mean the list goes on and on…

Again, the demand for information is not only HUGE, it’s NEVER going to end. As long as people need to learn how to do stuff, as long as people want to improve their lives, as long as people have questions, information marketing will be here.

>> #3. You can automate the entire process

Consider this.

I woke up at around 7:30. I brushed my teeth, drank a glass of water (I don’t like coffee =), took my daughter to school. But before I went out the door, I turned on my computer to see that while I slept $2145.00 was deposited into my bank account.

How did this happen? It happened because the night before people looking for INFORMATION found my product which addresses their need.

They ordered, paid, got it delivered to them, all without me doing a thing. It was all automated. And the reason why I didn’t have anything to do is because it’s all digital.

What types of products can be sold digitally? Things like:

Special Reports
Membership Sites
Online courses

Really the only thing that could limit you is your imagination.

Hopefully this article has opened your eyes to the amazing possibilities that exists when you decide to get into the incredible world of information marketing.

(Sneaky little hint: This article you’ve been reading; yup, it’s information marketing =)

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Building a Social Media Strategy for Your Business Success

For an online business, having a social media strategy is becoming increasingly critical to success.  Without a social media strategy, you will be missing out on a key way to build a following and maintain active customers.

The first step in building a strong social media strategy for your online business is to identify the social media networks that make sense for your business.

The two social media giants are Facebook and Twitter.  These two networks are a must for most businesses.  Creating a quality Facebook fan page and Twitter profile takes very little effort and can be set up in just a couple hours.  Daily maintenance also does not take much effort and can be easily outsourced or tasked out to your marketing department.

The important thing to keep in mind while putting your social media strategy into action is that you want to be consistently producing quality content for your following.  You want to maintain visibility in the eyes of your followers.  By keeping yourself visible, your followers will start to pay attention to you more and more and see you as a trustworthy source.

Social media is all about starting up a conversation.  You want to build your own community of followers and get them talking.  You want them to talk to you and each other.  The more your followers are interacting on your social media networks, the more business they will be generating for your–both directly and indirectly.

Your social media strategy should begin with a blog (web log, an online journal).  A lot of people do not think of blogs as social media, but they are probably the most important piece to your social media puzzle.

The reason blogs are so important is that you can display your true voice and give a ton of quality content.  Getting blog subscribers will go a long way toward building your social network.  The more people read your blog posts, so long as they are interesting and high-quality, the more your followers will begin to comment and interact with you and your other readers.

Then, the more activity you have going on with your blog, the more people will “like” and “tweet” your blog posts.  This adds a considerable amount of strength to your social network.  It adds a viral aspect to your social media strategy.  Now you have people sharing your content with their friends outside of your social network.  This brings more people into your social network.

In turn, this will build your conversation further, get more people commenting, get more people tweeting, get more people “liking”, and get more people interacting on Facebook.  The viral effect will be in full effect.

Remember, the key to all of this is producing consistent, high-quality content.  Be creative and unique with your content.  Give new solutions to common problems faced by your thirsty crowd.  Make them want to comment on and share your posts.

Your social media strategy will often determine the strength of your online business.  Begin with your blog and launch the viral marketing snowball to take your business to new heights.

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Hosting and Internet Marketing Strategy: Options to Think About

Being an Internet marketer or the proprietor of a company who operates an e-commerce business, you are most likely always searching for ways to get an advantage on the rivalry. And, you ought to be. All things considered, with vast sums of websites and enormous amounts of Web pages available to contend with for traffic, it only makes sense that the smarter marketers’ websites rise to # 1 of the rankings.

Luckily, you do not actually have to be a marketing wizard in order to be in a position to compete effectively on the internet. Instead, you just need to arm yourself with tools, methods and techniques for flourishing online.

For instance, take Web hosting. It can be luring to look for the least expensive hosting provider out there and also to sign up for an economical or even totally free month by month hosting plan. However, you need to read the fine print.  Will your free service also be supplying ads from other companies or have banners and links advertising their own services? What is it that you want your site to accomplish?  Does the hosting service provide that for you?

I recall once that I had an inexpensive hosting plan that included my domain name.  The site provided the basics of what I needed but, I had a growing site and needed to add on functions that the hosting company didn’t provide.  It was nealy impossible to speak to anyone in customer service.  I had to change my entire site to a service provider that supplied the right hosting for the site I wanted.  Then, to my utter surprise, the original hosting company charged me $68 for my domain name and wouldn’t let me change it over to another service until I paid it!  Moral of the story is, read the fine print!

Having said that, once you can get a take on the real differences between your numerous hosting choices, you may start to find out how faster hosting and Internet marketing strategy go side-by-side.

A web hosting provider, obviously, permits site owners have their websites be accessible through the online World. Hosting companies do business in a number of ways, including supplying space on their own servers (or even servers they lease) to be used by customers.

If you’d like to get a hosting and Internet marketing strategy hit via better hosting, listed here are some hosting features and choices to think about:

* Up-time and online connectivity: Up-time pertains simply to the percentage of time in a provided month that the websites hosted with this provider are certain to be up and accessible. You want a solution with a minimum of ninety nine percent up-time, which converts to about forty five minutes monthly of downtime. Take note, having said that, the constant maintenance items like server restarts along with other unexpected maintenance factors might not be integrated in this figure.

* More complicated websites require extra support services: Past the hosting of very easy websites, some hosting companies offer more advanced services. The protocols allow Web-developers to set up scripts for apps like forums, content management, and so on. Additionally, SSL (Secure Sockets Layer which is a protocol used over the internet for securing transactions made between client to server) can be made accessible for secure e-commerce apps.  Some of the additional services are not free add-ons; however they may be needed for you to run your website effectively.

* Control panel access for controlling Web server: Yet another choice to think about is a control panel which allows you to log in remotely to manage your Net server. Management consists of the capability to install scripts, along with other services like e-mail.

* Dedicated hosting: All of the least expensive hosting packages include your website sharing a server with several other websites – up to twenty or so. Yet, for optimum site overall performance and control, dedicated hosting is the recommended choice for strategic internet marketers. With this particular choice, you get full command for items like root access for Linux and administrator entry for Windows.

As you find methods to improve your internet business and distinguish yourself from the over 8 million websites online, look before you get into quicker hosting and internet marketing strategy options.

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Internet Advertising Strategies For Local Small Business

Do you have an Internet advertising strategies for local small business that fits your particular product? In any effort to make online income it is critical to have a specific niche, and this is true of any business.

Don’t expect to advertise an “auto shop” and generate income immediately. What you have to do in your Internet advertising strategies for your local small business is open a “Toyota auto shop” or a “foreign car repair shop”.  The more specific your niche is, the more your competition will be thinned out.

Use Internet Advertising Strategies For Local Small Business

The more competition you have the more elaborate your small business Internet advertising strategies have to become. You will find this is more so when you try to make online money.  Consider this about the area you live in, you will find a finite number of companies you have to compete with.  Look at ‘auto shops’, in your area how many can you name?  Ten, Twenty or you might find hundreds of auto shops that can be found in every town? Globally speaking that’s not a lot of competition.

But say you sold designer hand bags and you wanted to expand to larger market. Stretch out across the seas with your brand. You would find yourself having to compete with the multitude of handbag vendors across the globe. Thus your Internet advertising strategies for your local small business would now have to be tailored to the online shopper.

Instead, what you may want to do is work in an even smaller niche. You could try promoting ‘suede hand bags’ or ‘blue hand bags’. Clearly, you should discover which niche markets are preferred before you try to create an Internet advertising strategies for any local small business. Try to avoid getting directly into any specific niche market that may have intense competition, at the same time don’t choose niches that have no competition because nobody is interested in them either.

Always consider the circumstance of who is looking at your ads. Are they looking to browse or do they need help now and want to get in contact you.

A person needing a tow wouldn’t want to be looking at your promotion and oil change. Furthermore, you might find yourself pitted against an army of affiliate marketers and you will be in a huge battle to gain the top spot on search engines trying to make online income.

Additionally what you would want to consider in your Internet advertising strategies especially for a local small business is having a mobile friendly website. Most websites of local small businesses are not mobile friendly. Consider this, if a person is searching for you on a mobile phone, where are they most likely to be? Most likely they are away from the home or office, right. What do you think they want when they are searching for? Is it a product description page or a video to watch? Probably, they want directions or they want to know what’s special on the menu.

To sum it up, your Internet advertising strategies for small business isn’t about advertising your business. It’s about advertising a specific product to a specific customer in a specific circumstance.

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Include Local Marketing in Your Small Business Marketing Plan

Creating a marketing plan for your local business can be an important factor for success. So setting up a plan that will drive more traffic to your local business should be built by focusing on showing the services-products you provide to the appropriate audience. Taking this as the main line to build your plan, you will now need to find ways to make your services-products be seen by the people who are already looking for them.

Although there are many offline ways to use ,  now-a- days online marketing has been proven an easier, cheaper and more effective way to demonstrate your goods to the world.  And this because in our days when people need something, it is more likely to “google” it rather than using any other way to find more information about it.

Setting up your marketing plan for your business should first be focused on how to be found in the internet – locally.  It is necessary for your business to be listed in the search engines index so it will be in their results page when someone is looking for a local business.  Although listing your business in the search engines and particularly in google is very simple task when you know how it might be very tricky if you don`t know how.  Natural Growth Marketing can do the job for you  and the work not only would be done in a timely manner but also would be very beneficial for your business.

Your listings on the internet will show up for local searches and provided:

- Exact location on map
-  Phone number and email address  so people could easily communicate with you
- Provide a photo of your business and yourself if you so desire
- The services and/or products you offer including photos of some
- Website address

Another key item about your business in a local listing is reviews about what customers think of your business which help to make recommendations to others who will search for your business in the future through the internet.

Additionally you will be able to promote  incentives (special offers) to give people one more reason to shop from your business.  Coupons and monthly deals can be posted online with different services to entice people to stop by and try your company.

Creating your local marketing plan for your business online is easy effective and it really worth the effort and cost.

All the best
Natural Growth Marketing

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